Anonymous asked: Do any animals live in the barn too? Thank you for the pictures!!!

Some chickens and cats share it with me :) hehe no problem!!

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Anonymous asked: As a Christian, do you have anything against homosexuals?

No absolutely not! I myself am straight, but I have many dear friends that are not and I have no right to condemn them for who they love! One time this guy dragged this lady to Jesus and was like hey she is adulterous and the law of Moses says to stone her! and Jesus was like okay well who ever has never sinned can cast the first stone and everyone just dropped their rocks and awkwardly walked away.

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Anonymous asked: Pictures of all your tattoos?

eee I will do this soon !!

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Anonymous asked: Is coconut milk healthy??

It’s just pretty high fat :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you drink coconut/soy/almond milk?

Nah, I could make my own if I really wanted to but I don’t really see the need for them cause I just eat fruit or smoothies or banana ice cream :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you eat dark chocolate?

No :) The only “chocolate” i eat is raw carob :)

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OH MY GOSH!!! My fiancée sent me a surprise gift! A massive 16” bamboo bowl!!!!!!! 😱😱😱 It’s one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten. Thank you SO MUCH, baby! 💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨💖

Dang I need a bowl this big!!! :)

Anonymous asked: Are your tattoos vegan?

I don’t know about the first few I got :\ But the rest I made sure!!

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Anonymous asked: What do you do when your hair gets greasy?

I actually like my hair sorta greasy…

is that weird?

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Anonymous asked: You have inspired me to take the next step & become a Vegan. As of 4/1/2014 I cut out milk and animal flesh. I thought it would be hard to give up eggs and cheese, but I've done my research. I feel dirty and guilty when I consume dairy. Love ur blog!

eee!!! I am so so proud of you!! You are doing a beautiful thing and helpin out the environment and your body!! You should read The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle (

It will help you feel even better about your decision! Thank you so much for messaging me, it’s so encouraging to hear this!!! :)

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