Anonymous said: What kind of things did you say? Lol

hahah well first off- it’s the TINIEST class, and I was the only one talking… but idk my teacher kept asking questions about drugs and I was answering them all and then she said we have to pick a drug to do a report on and I was like OOO I CALL LSD !!! and everyone was like …………..

and then she asked “what type of people smoke marijuana” and I said chill people and she just looked at me really suspiciously and was like …”yes….hippies and laid back people usually smoke marijuana” still staring at me weird

and then she said something about withdrawal and I was like oof ya it’s a doozy (I was referring to caffeine) but idk I guess I should have clarified LOL

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Farrah Fawcett, 1977

man but today I had this class I was really excited about called Drugs and Society but it ended up being TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG and the whole time I kept saying things that made me sound like I do drugs ahhaha this is gunna be a wild class

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Anonymous said: how was the date ?!?!

really fun!! we started out at a restaurant and then we kinda both talked about how bad we are at normal dates so we went to this weird building that was like cut in half and sat on the roof and talked instead LOL

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Anonymous said: Tara, I've been so exhausted feeling lately. I just can't find the energy to work out as much, when I do I get winded easily. I'm hardly hungry and I have to force myself to get enough calories. Maybe I'm sick,maybe I'm detoxing still (been 4 months on rt4) I just keep feeling guilty cause I know I need to lose weight and I know I need to be more active to do that but this past month I've been struggling so hard :( I'm mostly scared I'll get out of the habit of being active that I finally formed

darling!!! your health is SO much more important than loosing weight- please don’t restrict your diet so much right now, just eat a normal healthy vegan diet until you have a healthy image of yourself. This lifestyle isn’t supposed to make you exhausted and leave you with no energy, so clearly something isn’t working correctly. What exactly are you eating?  Rest, drink some green juice, and don’t over do it with working out. Your body is tired, let it rest. WHen you regain strength then you should workout but this really worries me!

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Just went on a daaaaaate !!!

Anonymous said: Hey Tara:) so I just tried out a face wash type thing and u just use half a cucumber and 2 tablespoons of either aloe or honey (I know there's that big debate on if honey is vegan so I used aloe fresh from my aloe plant:p) and u blend it together and warning it duz have kinda a weird consistency but u put it on and u can pretty much just rinse it right back off and it made my face feel so soft and clean and it's completely vegan:) it just reminded me of u and I thought u may like it:)

Oooh If I ever get my hands on some aloe I’ll have to try this out!!! thanks that sounds lovely! :)

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Anonymous said: waiit i just saw the thing you posted about bananas and i lovee bananas that arent ripe yet and slightly green. could you explain more? thanks!

green bananas are all starch, they haven’t ripened enough for the banana to become fructose (sugar) yet. Eating green bananas will cause bloating/gas/constipation. Bananas antioxidant levels increase as they ripen. Fully ripened bananas (freckled) produce a substance called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor).  This means that ripe bananas have anti-cancer qualities as they combat abnormal cells. The more dark patches a banana has, the higher its immunity enhancement quality will be!!

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Anonymous said: was there ever a point in your lifetime that you thought you had depression/anxiety?

I’ve struggled/still struggle with anxiety! It’s a lot better than it used to be though !

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Anonymous said: I have really bad bronchitis but don't want to take antibiotics. do you have any tips on treating it?

Use humidity- Stand in a steamy shower with the bathroom door closed or boil a pot of water and add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the water and breathe it in! drink HELLA water/ soothing tea, gargle with saltwater, sleep as much as you possibly can, eat raw almonds, lemons (you can make lemon tea), bay leaf tea or thyme tea! I really hope this helps, but please stay really alert and if your condition worsens I would see a homeopath or a doctor !

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Anonymous said: i've eaten raw vegan the past couple days and i biked for 4 hours today! i'm trying to get my body healthy. i'm proud of myself and i thought maybe you would be too :)

eee yes!!! thats amazing! you are the cutest lil fruit bat:)

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Anonymous said: sorry to bother you with this but i don't know who else to turn to. i had severe depression and anxiety for a year about 1.5 years ago, i'm almost over it now apart from the odd bump. but i feel like it's changed me - i'm nowhere near as compassionate as i was before it. i feel very little positive emotion nowadays and have become bitchy, arrogant, rude and impatient. i know i've become an awful friend to those who need me because i've been through so much crap myself that it's hard to (cont)

(cont)give out advice or even care about my friends’ problems. remnants of my social anxiety mean that i’m very cold with people, & i cover everything with a nasty sense of humour at others’ expense. i’m not discriminative or pessimistic by nature but sometimes, being positive, caring & friendly is so hard to put into practice. my question is, have you always been so compassionate and patient? i just can’t find it in myself nowadays and it’s exhausting. thank you for listening x
This might sound like a strange solution- but yoga helped me open my heart and be SO much more empathetic with people! I was not always at the level of compassion I’m at now. I used to never cry, never have much emotion at all, and was just a very neutral person. I always wondered what was wrong with me and why i never felt anything… but yoga taught me how to feel again, how to listen to other’s problems instead of focusing on my own, it taught me patience, stillness, and tied in with my spiritual life I have learned love, and incredibly peace and joy! I really really recommend meditation, and developing a yoga practice and see if that helps you like it helped me <3 sending you all my thoughts, prayers, and love!
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Anonymous said: I ate a full vegan meal right now and I love how even after I stuffed myself I don't feel guilty!

So so proud of you!!! :))

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