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Anonymous said: I cant get used to eating alot of fruits/veggies either. I can eat any other food-esp breads and deserts- a ton but i feel my subconcious restrictig me when i eat fruits/veggies :(

So just start incorporating more of them into your normal diet! You don’t have to be fully raw to be healthy! Try to look at eating more fruits and veggies as honoring your body and giving yourself vitamins and minerals through nature’s best source!! :) <3

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Anonymous said: Madison Kuhn is and 18 year old (I believe) poet. Her poems have tons of notes, they are signed -m.k She's really cool and a beautiful writer..her most popular poem is the one that says "you are a thousand things but everyone chooses to see the million that you are not" have you heard of it?

I haven’t heard of it! BUt I wanna find her since we go to the same school I guess!! haha :) thanks for informin me!

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Anonymous said: Tara I have been trying to go vegan but I cannot stop eating meat and dairy. :( :( :( Chicken is the hardest. It's so difficult for me I don't know why. It's always at night that I crave it, never the daytime. I just can't seem to eat a lot during the day because of school too. :( :( I am so very sad :(

You should watch a documentary like earthlings, forks over knives, or vegucated! Make sure you are eating enough good nourishing plants during the day so you get enough calories! Also check out Whole Food’s vegan chicken salad (if there is one near ya!) and other vegan chicken alternatives!!  Bring food with you to school! You can be a happy healthy plant eatin babe in no time! Just be prepared, dedicated, and get informed and motivated to make a change :) I believe in you!

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Anonymous said: How was your day lovely??

aw thanks for askin! it was pretty crazy- drove back to VA from 12 am to 6 am and then ended up falling asleep and missing my 9:15 class, woke up at 12 and ran to my 12:25 class to take a test and then brought my friend Clayton to my Drugs and Society class and then went to the dining hall and ate lettuce for 2 hours and talked to strangers about breaking bones, then I have been doing homework in my room since then ! how was your day?? :)

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Anonymous said: Can you share your experiences getting rejected?

one time I was really diggin this guy but he told me that he was hung up on his ex

and then I liked this other guy and he seemed to like me too but then he told me that he just wanted to be with me physically & not have a relationship which bummed me out

For the most part I’m usually not the one to make the first move, so I don’t have that many rejection stories !

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Anonymous said: You should do a Q&A video on your youtube channel!

I’d be down for that!! If you wanna ask a question for me to answer on the video put dollaaa signs around your question (ex. $$blahblah blah $$$) !!!!

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Anonymous said: How do I convince my mom to let me go to church, it's really bothered me that I haven't gone in so long I still read my bible and everything but whenever I ask if she would take me she says shes too tired. I can't drive so that's out of the option but I can't take not going it hurts my heart and I am definitely a better person when I go to church :( Any tips???

You can always call the church and have them arrange a ride for you! They should be happy to do so :) You can also watch sermons online! You should check out my home pastor from Texas!!

Remember that you don’t have to go to church to love God and be a good person though! But, I know that it’s really nice to have guidance and have community, so I really hope this helps!! I will pray for your situation!

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Roberto Burle Marx, a Brazilian landscape architect (as well as a painter, print maker, ecologist, naturalist, artist and musician) whose designs of parks and gardens made him world famous.
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by Betsey Walton
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Just a quick sketch I did of you because you are such a big inspiration to me and you have a beautiful soul:)).